A. Economic Empowerment of Endorois Women and PWDs
  • Through training in income generating activities, EIWEN has facilitated women groups to engage in soap making and agro-ecological activities e.g. establishment of tree nurseries for PWDs and kitchen gardens for improved livelihoods. The organization advocated for access to clean water through promotion of treatment of river water to remove fluoride and negotiated for drilling of a borehole by Lake Bogoria Spa. EIWEN successfully advocated for allocation of resources to women by the county government of Baringo where the government adopted a 60:30 ration in resource allocation. As a result of EIWEN's efforts, 60% of the resources were allocated to bursary (out of which 6.6% has been earmarked for PWDs), 30% for development, 5% administration and 5% to issuance of PPEs during Covid-19. In addition we have integrated PWDs in community groups so as to mainstream their issues in local development.
  • B. Women and Leadership
  • Through sustained awareness creation on civic rights and responsibilities and training on leadership, EIWEN has enhanced the role of Endorois women by promoting their capacity to participate in local decision making. This has resulted in more women being represented in several development committees e.g. in land and bursary committees .
  • C. Networking and Partnership
  • Aspart of organization strengthening EIWEN has identified likeminded organizations for strategic partnership in the implementation of its projects. Strategic partnership and networking has provided EIWEN visibility and positioning in addressing women and PWD issues in the Endorois community and within Baringo County. We have also been able to establish a good working relationship with the County government of Baringo in advancing the rights of PWDs through research on access to health and assistive devices.
  • Success Factors (Enablers)

    The following factors have been instrumental in the realization of the achievements realized so far. EIWEN will seek to upscale and integrate them in the implementation of the strategic plan 2021-2023

  • 1. Social capital/ good will from the community .
  • 2. Partnership with the county government and other government agencies .
  • 3. Engagement Women Parliament Group to championing the rights of Endorois Women .
  • 4. Building Networks and Alliances like Endorois Welfare Council, Indigenous Women Council .
  • 5. Endorois Land Decision at the African Commission 2010 which places women at the heart of its implementation.
  • 6. Dedicated staff and volunteers.